John Radcliffe
Fast Media

Interactive design and development

Since the early 1980s, when I managed the BBC Computer Literacy Project, I have had a special interest in how best to spread ideas and knowledge through the new digital technologies. Now that every month hundreds of thousands of people are getting themselves online with broadband, I believe that we are on the threshold of an amazing new time for world-wide communications and learning. I plan to do all I can to help that process along.

From 1994 to 1997 I worked as Executive Producer at The Multimedia Corporation on a series of big CD-ROM and online projects. I have given advice on the use of the World Wide Web for a number of Euro projects, including the Prosoma showcase of Esprit IT research results, I*M Europe, and the World Class Standards Net.

Our current projects various websites, including recent ones for Julia McNeal, who combines print-making with ceramic techniques, for the Australian paintings of Ted Hutchinson, for the Kipling Society, for Gaie Houston one of the leading practitioners of Gestalt Therapy, and the gestalt approach to interpersonal relationships, for Jane Owen, The Times On Line Garden Correspondent, who is currently making Gardens Through Time for BBC2, and for LicketySpit , the new Scottish-based childrens' theatre company.

During 32 years in the BBC I was Executive Producer for the BBC Computer Literacy Project, Head of the BBC Open University Production Centre, Chairman of the Development Committee of the UK National Council for Educational Technology, Managing Director of BBC Select, the experimental night-time subscription television service, and project leader for TVTEL, an experimental international videotex service for the European Broadcasting Union.

I have also made history programmes on television for schools, and current affairs programmes for the BBC World Service.

The most notable recent event in my life, though, is that I have remarried, on May 21st 2001, to Sheila Butler, a former BBC colleague.